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For Home


Projection Screen

Innovative, advanced product used at Home for design purpose as well as for Business advertisement


Decorative Building Light

Solution for person who loves his home and wants to make it more colorful.


Smart Mirror

Ideal solution for modern people, adorable of high technology.

Projection Screen

How does it work:

Smart Tint applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Easily control the switchable tint from clear to frosted (opaque) with the click of a button or command from your smart phone. Smart Tint switchable privacy is private frosted and opaque when powered off and transparent clear when powered on.

Smart Tint is an ideal solution in commercial not only for conference rooms, executive offices, restaurants and hotels but as well as Advertisement Display Screen: impressive, eye-catching display is made possible by using Smart Tint as a rear projecting screen of existing products promotion windows.